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We are home. We moved home two and half weeks ago and it is more fantastic then we ever imagined; both the house and the being home bit. Our house is so quiet now, thanks to all the double glazing and sound insulation in as many walls as we could manage. A balm to the […]

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House Renovation – Everything else

As well as the main rooms mentioned so far, the renovation has included lots of other items as well. They are each relatively small, but keep adding it all up to a far more major and thorough renovation than we originally imagined, when first making the perhaps foolish decision whilst greatly sleep-deprived that, hey, as […]

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House Renovation – The LAUNDRY!!!

Had we planned this extension and renovation pre-parenthood, I never would have given the laundry a second thought. An extra bathroom which I could turn into a darkroom, sure. But a laundry, not so much. Luckily the planning was done post-baby, when the designer and the builder would have to step over the mounds of […]

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House Renovation – the extension

The starting point of this whole project was the extension. We wanted one more room, to be used as a bedroom for the planned sibling, and I desperately wanted a proper laundry. The original plan was to remain in the house during the renovation, build the extension, then use the extension for living while the […]

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