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Breastfeeding – the final chapter

Wow. What a natural and yet so unnatural thing breastfeeding is. I’ve met women who haven’t experienced any problems like thrush, mastitis, cracked nipples and who still say it’s one of the hardest things they’ve ever done. This may be a naive thing to say, (in the way that saying we wanted twins pre-baby was […]

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Baby diary – Lactation consultant

The lactation consultant came over on Tuesday afternoon, discussed the issues I’ve been experiencing, checked over both Zac and I, watched us feeding, offered suggestions for improvements in positions and worked out a plan of action for increasing supply whilst ensuring that Zac gets what he needs. Sue said that she sees many women who […]

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Baby diary – breastfeeding stuff

I have an appointment booked with lactation consultant recommended by a colleague of Rafe ‘s. Incidentally, she is the same consultant I liked the look of from a list sent to me from the ever-supportive Kate. One of her special interests is milk supply issues. she is on holiday ATM, but called me within an […]

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