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Apparently today everyone has to throw beans out their doors to expel the devil and bring in good fortune. Should’ve taken KILOS of beans to The Zoo! Also apparently I should eat makizushi today, whilst facing south, south-east, silently, and thinking of my wish. Wishing on the first star each night seems much easier! One […]

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This makes me very, very VERY excited!!!!!!

http://www.territory-d.com/sabbat/events/index.html One thing I have not really enjoyed much at the goth clubs I’ve been to here (all of one, all of twice), is not recognising any of the music, and having most music very techno goth. Now, when I look to go again with my beautiful new camera to get all the shots I […]

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I have fleas

..Or at least flea like critters living in my apartment. Ugh. *scratch, scratch* How is it one of the very few places I’ve lived without animals is the place which gets infested. Not impressed. I should at least have the good bits of having a cat here if I’m going to have the bad bits! […]

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Little Things

Most of the time I feel that I have a handle on living here; I know how things work and I understand small parts of the system. But every now and then, I still get caught out. This evening, having checked out and carefully arranged in my backpack my next few meals worth of food, […]

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