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For those who haven’t seen us around recently, haven’t seen either zen_cat‘s lj or my OS friends locked post, and who haven’t heard via that busy busy grapevine yet…. I am very bouncy and happy because….

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OS friends post.

This is a new list I made just now, purely for the purpose of this post! All OS friends are on this list, plus a couple here who are either interstate or who I know will be amused by this. I have much bounciness in my life right now. This would be why….

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I made lamb shank soup last night. However we didn’t end up eating it because we went to Brunetti’s and had cake and Italian hot chocolate for dinner instead. *grin* I am looking forward to finishing work and going home to yummy soup. I am discovering that I *can* cook meat and that it’s not […]

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Hello Mind, I’ve missed you.

I have been detoxing for three weeks now and each week I gain more energy and more “awakeness” and mind power. Begone all ye anaesthetic bulid up and morphine! I found Conquest fantastic for stimulating and exercising my mind again, if a struggle somewhere in the middle. I didn’t do justice to some of my […]

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M o r e   i n f o