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New title

Monsieur has decided to call me “mama”. I’m not sure exactly why, but it is a deliberate choice. This was our conversation about a week after he started it: Monsieur Z: I call you “mama” every day now. Me: Yes, you do. Why have you started calling me “mama”? MZ: Because I like to because […]

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The long, lazy summer is over and we are now back in the swing of things. All summer, Monsieur would ask “What day it is today?”* and upon receiving the reply he would continue, “so we go to?”. He loves his routines and was thrown a little by nothing being how it should be. He […]

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Cat Boy

It’s official. Our boy has cat DNA. Tonight while in the bath he was giving me lots of very wet cuddles and miaowing to me. I asked if he was my cat boy and he replied “ohkay”. For the rest of the bath, he continued to cuddle and miaow and say “cat boy” to me. […]

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