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Turns out the gorgeous tea ceremony supply shop in Kyoto which teknohippi and I found last year, has a website! It seemed such an old-fashioned pokey little shop. What a wonderful surprise 🙂

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Language is such a fascinating thing.

As is humankind’s determination to communicate, whatever the means. Now that I have the time; am back involved in trying to teach language, as well as absorbing it myself; and now that depression no longer hinders my general abilities, I find myself longing for all my uni texts so that I could go over them […]

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I’m a slow one, I am

How is it that until very recently I’d never come across Ani Difranco or Magaret Cho in my travels. *shakes head disbelievingly and looks at the rock from under which I’ve crawled* I humbly thank-you Ches for introducing me to that which I should have been acquainted with waaayyyyy earlier. This also applies to Barenaked […]

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