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let’s hunt monsters together!!

On Monday I start my next stint at The Zoo. I’ll be there for two weeks. Condolences, encouragement and sympathy is being accepted in advance. Jokes and funny anecdotes through the next couple of weeks are also very welcome. Cold or flu, if you’re gonna hit me this winter, do it now. The good news […]

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I’m OUTA here!

No more Zoo! Do da doo da!!! Yup, I’m free of that place, at least til 3rd term. Only two more rotations to go and I’m very seriously going to see how much of my sick leave and annual leave I can keep till my last round there! I would be perfectly happy to go […]

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4 and a bit more days

I am so looking forward to friday. This morning, a first year girl arrives late, but proudly announces to the anyone left in the staffroom “Hey, I came!” Tomo takes her aside to remove her make up but can only find the nail polish remover. He tells her to remove her makeup somehow and she […]

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Gosh…it makes a teacher proud

*cough* In this morning’s meeting we were informed that Joto JHS school has requested our students don’t go and bother them. Yesterday 5 of The Zoo’s students went and loitered around the entrance to Joto JHS. Surprise, surprise, one of the students was Yutaro (whose class I taught yesterday incidently because he was absent). They […]

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I recieved a response from my supervisor today.

Actually, I got two responses, slightly different wording. I like the first response better, but really don’t know what to think of them. I’m just grateful I’ve got one Japanese teacher(Tomo) not asking me to be understanding. Hello Amber, Thank you for your reporting. I am sorry you had met such a bad incident. When […]

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M o r e   i n f o