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A tortuous morning

The request: each student presents a speech, up to 1 min long, about their Golden Week. The result, student after student gets up and stands in front of the class saying nothing until their minute is up. Torture for them, yes, to stand in front of the class for one minute, but more toture for […]

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Last night was the welcome/farewell party for new and old English teachers at Meiwa.   With such a welcoming sign (both Puss’n’boots and the one beneath the light), how could I have anything but positive feelings for the restaurant chosen… In case it’s too small to read, it says “I eat, I drink, Therefore I […]

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Golden Week silliness

‘Tis Golden Week here – a string of public holidays all in the same week…golden indeed. Yesterday Ches and his friend, Justin, came down to join in the beach bbq with Blair’s Crew. (Blair’s Crew being the group of friends I ‘inherited’ when Blair left. I hook up with them all about once a month […]

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