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Do I look any younger?! 

  In the past year I’ve tried a variety of migraine prophylactics and analgesics. None of the prophylactics made any difference and the side effects were usually very similar: dizziness, lethargy, brain fog. In short, not that different from the migraines. There was one prophylactic which had a spectacularly intense side effect: I’ve had twilight […]

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The search for relief

I am now onto my third medication trial in this search for relief from migraines. I’m also in my ninth month of daily migraines with inadequate pain relief. The first medication to be trialed was an anti-depressant called Effexor. It had no effect at all. Many of the migraine preventative medications are actually medications for […]

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Living with chronic migraines

I am learning more and more about migraines this year, especially the way they present in myself. They are tricky to diagnose as the symptoms can change from migraine to migraine, and most books and websites tout the same 4-6 main symptoms. Over the past few months of experiencing chronic migraine, I have discovered that […]

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Secondary infertility

I remember when I was pregnant with Monsieur reading an article about secondary infertility. Secondary infertility is where a couple have no trouble conceiving first time round but are unable to conceive second time round, or experience recurrent miscarriages.  I was appalled that, even though we’d managed to conceive easily the first time, it was […]

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