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I have been bitten

by the interview meme bug. Lots of people are doing it, and I’m enjoying reading what comes out of it. I worry that I won’t have very interesting reponses and will struggle thinking up questions for others, but my curiousity is winning out So, without further ado: Leave five questions for me in a response […]

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A tortuous morning

The request: each student presents a speech, up to 1 min long, about their Golden Week. The result, student after student gets up and stands in front of the class saying nothing until their minute is up. Torture for them, yes, to stand in front of the class for one minute, but more toture for […]

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I am in love!

Completely, totally and utterly in love. It has come upon me very quickly and the intensity of my feelings has taken me somewhat by surprise. I knew we would get along, but I did not expect this enveloping feeling of euphoria, and excitement at wondering where our path will lead us. Last night we went […]

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M o r e   i n f o