Weekend Adventuring – You Yangs

Last Saturday, instead of staying home and doing laundry and cleaning and cooking and the things that we should do, we headed out to the You Yangs to enjoy some quiet time in the sunshine and trees.


Note: This post has been sitting here for a couple of weeks due to some technical issues. I’m still not happy with the quality of the photos as they are displaying, but am posting this as I’m out of ideas on how to display the photos accurately.




SnuggleBub was pretty stoked to be out exploring!

Gorgeous views within a couple of minutes of walking

SnuggleBub wanted to use Monsieur’s pockets to store her treasures in, but got really upset when he walked away with said treasures in his pocket! She compromised and used my pockets instead.

SnuggleBub was focused on the small details of the walk.

SnuggleBub running to catch up with Monsieur and R

What do you mean, I have dirt on my face?!

The look that says, “I may be doing something of which you will not approve”

SnuggleBub loved the smell of these leaves

Everyone had to smell the leaves….

SnuggleBub was only satisfied once each of us had come to smell these leaves

Looks like there are plenty more tracks to try

The rock.

The end of our path – looking out at all the rest of the You Yangs, just waiting to be explored.

SnuggleBub was determined to lead us down the mountain bikers’ path

But she was more determined not to be left behind when we started walking down the path back to the car!

Such a perfect day for a walk

The surrounding farmland

The day drawing to a close

SnuggleBub decided it was more fun to slide than walk

Especially when she could hold on to Daddy and just slide everywhere without any risk of falling over!

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