Date day with Monsieur

Monsieur and I don’t get a lot of one-on-one time anymore, so every now and then we do a “Mummy and Monsieur Day”. It’s usually half a day, technically, but it is still a large swathe of time dedicated to whatever Monsieur wants to do together. As long as he feels that he has had hours of Mummy-time, then he is happy and sated.

Last year we were away for both July and September holidays, so didn’t do our date days. We had the occasional afternoon together on weekends but during term weekends fill up quickly. I have noticed that I need to ensure we get some special time together at least once a month. Usually when Monsieur had become really fragile and clingy to me, I will look back and realise that about six weeks have passed since we spent any proper one-to-one time together.

Monsieur reminded me a couple of weeks ago that he wanted to go to Arboria, an inflatable walk-through sculpture that was at Federation Square for the summer holidays. Fortunately he reminded me in its last week, so we are able to bring forward our date day and get tickets to go and see it.

It was amazing. I am so glad that he reminded me about it. He had mentioned it in December after seeing it advertised and I had completely forgotten about it.

From the Fed Square website: “ARBORIA is created by Alan Parkinson of internationally acclaimed Architects of Air (UK) and is one of a series of Luminaria, which are inflatable structures designed to generate a sense of wonder and enchantment.

It truly was a place of wonder. The light was beautiful. The shapes were soft. The soundscape was ethereal. It was a magical experience to share with Monsieur. I love that he notices these things and wants to experience them.

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