SnuggleBub at 19 months – Photos by Robert

We had photos taken when SnuggleBub was just over a year old, but I clearly haven’t got them up in a post yet. So instead, here are some at 19 months old!

SnuggleBub is so quick and full of adventure. She is going to be the one jumping out of planes, leaping off ledges (with bungee cord attached), riding rollercoasters and generally living life out large. And loud. And completely full of joy. So much joy. And exuberance!

I love these little photo sessions with Robert. He captures beautifully the little everyday moments that I want to remember. Putting her shoes on, snack time, our conversations, her absolute joie de vivre. I love having beautiful photos with me in them. I treasure the photos I have of myself as a child with my parents, especially the ones that show me peering over Mum’s shoulder while she sews, or sweeping up leaves with my Dad. Glimpses into what my childhood was like, filling in the gaps and the blanks in my memories. I have studio portrait photos of my mum and I, but they don’t evoke any rush of emotion when I look at them. They are just pretty. I have no real desire for studio portraits of Monsieur or SnuggleBub either. I much prefer photos that show all kinds of expressions and moments.

All photos by Robert Wagner


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